Jean Marie Boyer, PhD, PE

Founder and Principal

Jean Marie has over 20 years of experience managing and conducting work related to water quality and watershed management as a means of protecting lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers. Much of her work focuses on watershed and surface water-quality modeling. Dr. Boyer is a Professional Engineer in Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico and has provided expert witness testimony (deposition and trial) in a number of cases involving surface water quality and groundwater contamination.

John Carron, PhD

Founder and Principal

John has over 20 years of experience in water resources engineering and consulting, include modeling and management of river basins, reservoirs, and water supply systems; reliability and risk analysis; climate change studies; and water rights engineering. His recent work includes development and analysis of a drought Contingency Plan for the Upper Colorado River Commission member states, technical support for the state of New Mexico in litigation over the Rio Grande compact, feasibility and operational studies for new storage facilities in the Lower Colorado River Basin (Texas), planning studies for the nine Nile River Basin nations, and development of operational decision support tools for the Bureau of Reclamation in the lower Colorado River.  He is an expert in the management of the Colorado River and the “Law of the River”, and has extensive expertise in the development of RiverWare models and their applications to complex water management problems.

Steve Setzer, MS, PE

Water Resources Engineer

Steve has 16 years of experience in RiverWare modeling, water resources planning and management, and surface water hydrology.  Steve served as the primary RiverWare training course instructor while employed at Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems (CADSWES) at University of Colorado, Boulder, and continues to conduct training courses for CADSWES on an as-needed basis. Steve is currently developing a suite of daily operations models for the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) in Austin, TX, a long term planning model for LCRA, and a daily operations model of the Colorado River below Parker Dam for the Yuma Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation.

Christine Hawley, MS

Environmental Engineer

Christine is an Environmental Engineer and Hydrologist with 15 years of experience, specializing in management of large, multi-component projects that include field investigations, data analysis, and system conceptualization. She has a passion for understanding natural system behavior through data analysis. She has worked with international and local teams of experts on high-profile projects evaluating contaminant transport in groundwater, surface water, transition zone water, and sediment. Ms. Hawley is currently working on watershed investigations, water-quality modeling, expert witness analyses, and serving as a technical advisor.

Jennifer Thomasson, BA

Office Manager

Jennifer joined Hydros Consulting as Office Manager in September 2012. She has over 20 years of experience in human resource management, office administration and event planning. Jennifer handles accounting functions, human resource elements, event planning and provides organizational and administrative support to the Hydros engineering staff.  Jennifer loves working with all the staff at Hydros Consulting Inc. and thrives on keeping the office rolling along.

Jarrod Gasper, MS

Environmental/Water Resources Engineer

Jarrod is an Environmental Engineer with 9 years of experience, specializing in water chemistry and the sources, fate, and transport of compounds in the environment. His work on river systems across the United States has focused on the understanding of fate and transport at dynamic, complex sites and has included the development of conceptual site models, design of field investigations, data analysis, and litigation support. His technical skills are focused in the areas of data analysis and statistics, geochemical modeling, geospatial analysis and data visualization.

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Taylor Adams, MS

Environmental/Water Resources Engineer

Taylor joined us in May, 2011. He has 5 years of professional experience in water resources and environmental engineering.  His expertise is primarily focused in the development and application of numerical modeling tools for water resources planning and decision support.  He has experience with many operational and administrative water resources modeling frameworks, such as StateMod, RiverWare, MODSIM, and customized FORTRAN system models.  He has developed, modified, and applied hydrodynamic and water quality models, using frameworks such as CE-QUAL W2 and WARMF, and groundwater models using MODFLOW. He has managed projects involving development of model input data for planning and operations models, historical consumptive use analysis, decision support and water rights portfolio analysis for municipal water providers, and linkage of water-allocations models with water-quality models for impact assessment.  He also has developed code to carry out multi-objective optimization of model parameter, and to carry out statistical analysis of model output and observed data in computer languages such as Octave, VBA, Python, Perl, and R.

Nicholas Mander, MS

Water Resources Engineer

Nick joined Hydros Consulting Inc. in July, 2011, after receiving his Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resources, and a Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Certificate from University of Colorado, Boulder. He has worked with numerous clients in the southwestern USA, for whom he has developed and applied operational and planning models.  He has experience with hydrologic forecasting, water rights, multi-objective optimization, geographical information systems (GIS) and groundwater and soil moisture modeling.  His technical skills include use of the modeling platforms RiverWare, StateMod, MODSIM, MIKE BASIN, SWMM, and MODFLOW, and the programming languages R, VBA, C++, and MATLAB.


Lianne Daugherty, MS

Water Resources Engineer

Lianne joined Hydros Consulting Inc. in January, 2014, after graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resources.  Her background includes three years in environmental engineering and research in stochastic ensemble streamflow forecasts with application to water resources management.  Her technical skills include RiverWare, R, ArcGIS, and HEC-RAS.

John Craven, MS

Water Resources Engineer

John joined Hydros Consulting Inc. in August, 2014, after receiving a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering and Management from the University of Stuttgart. John’s background includes several years of experience with Colorado water resources and water rights engineering. John is experienced with several hydrological models, StateCU, Excel, ArcGIS, FORTRAN, and Python.

Kevin Bierlein, PHD

Environmental Engineer

Kevin joined Hydros Consulting in August 2015He is an environmental engineer, specializing in lake and reservoir management. His experience encompasses physical, chemical, and biological aspects of limnology. He has worked with international teams of experts to evaluate methods for managing and improving water quality in lakes and reservoirs used as drinking water sources. His expertise includes designing and conducting field investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and water quality modeling.